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Pirate Pride Coffee "Port Royal Roast"

Kahawa Coffee

Pirate Pride Coffee "Port Royal Roast"

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The pirate enclave of Port Royal Jamaica was justifiably notorious as “the wickedest city on earth.” Its trove of treasures included gold, silver and precious gems from the mines of South America, exotic flora and fauna from a truly new world and the reincarnation of a delicious, invigorating, aromatic beverage transplanted to the succulent days and cool mountain nights of the fertile Caribbean. This café, destined for the imperial courts of Spain, flowed freely in Jamaica.

PORT ROYAL ROAST represents the unique elements of that Golden Age – a daring, stylishly “wicked” brew delivered from hand picked fields and crafted by a master roaster, one smooth satisfying sip at a time – just for you.

This "wicked" blend comes ground and in 12 ounce bags.

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